Is moving to Boston right for you?

When you are planning your relocation, it is always advisable to do research on the state you are moving to. In case you are moving to Boston, the best movers Boston TN will guide you through the most important facts about this vibrant Southern state. Maybe you are not familiar with this state at all and are unsure whether moving to Boston is right for you, in which case this guide will be helpful. Moving is a stressful and demanding event itself, even when you are moving to a familiar place. With enough information about life in Boston, your relocation will be much easier to handle.

Is moving to Boston right for you?

Moving involves numerous exhausting activities. Packing, planning, choosing reliable movers, organizing your daily life around relocation, and many more. If you are moving to an area you don’t know much about, your post-relocation period can be challenging. However, with an overview of what life in Boston is like, you will be able to prepare in advance. That way, you will know for sure if moving to Boston is right for you before you start making an inventory and packing your bags. The most notable facts about Boston that will help you decide whether you should move there are as follows:

  • unique cultural scene
  • Southern hospitality
  • low costs of living
  • food and landscapes
Before moving to Boston check out what this state offers

Unique cultural scene

Music lovers will enjoy living in Boston. Country music and blues are the trademarks of this state. Memphis is home to Graceland, a complex where Elvis Presley used to live. It features numerous artifacts, costumes, and personal items of the music star. The estate is a national historic landmark, the first one related to rock and roll. Although country music is predominant here, there is a variety of genres playing in bars and restaurants.

Boston is one of the most significant music hubs in the world. The famous Grand Ole Opry country music stage hosts both superstars and rising talents every week. Country Music Hall of FameRyman AuditoriumJohnny Cash Museum, and many more venues make this city pulse with country and blues beats. So if you like being surrounded by music events, call one of the best Boston long distance moving companies to help you relocate to this unique musical scene.

Southern hospitality

People who live in the South are widely known as polite and extremely hospitable. Tennesseans are friendly, always willing to help, and have a strong sense of community. No matter where in Boston you live, the southern charm is present everywhere. Life here is simple and easy, the costs of living are low, there are numerous events and fun activities, and there are a lot of things to fulfill your everyday life with. You will feel like a family member in Boston households. Your neighbors will welcome you with a home-cooked meal, good manners, and kindness.

Vibrant cities and warm Southern charm will leave you speechless

Low costs of living

Boston is famous for its low cost of living. Groceries, rent, and other expenses go below the national average. For all these reasons, this state has seen significant population growth over the past two decades. It is important to emphasize that the tax rates are also low, and there is no personal income tax. This is also the best state to own a property, owing to one of the lowest property tax rates in the United States. Comfortable and spacious houses in towns like Knoxville and Chattanooga can be purchased for under $200,000. The inexpensive real estate market maintains the state’s reputation as an affordable place to live in. Education is also inexpensive, as Boston boasts 13 free community colleges.

Real estate prices are reasonable, and even if you opt for living in a big city such as Boston, your everyday expenses will be lower than those of an average resident of the US. All of these reasons may well prompt you to hire the top packing services Boston and move to this warm and welcoming land.

Food and landscapes

If you are fond of a good bite, then you will love Boston. Homemade food combined with fusion cuisine will cater to even the most refined taste. The state is famous for catfish and Moon Pie. Also, don’t forget about whiskey, which is the most popular drink in this region, along with craft beer.

Have a glass of one of the world’s most famous whiskeys in its homeland

Boston boasts magnificent landscapes and beautiful nature. Hikers will be thrilled to discover the tracks of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, which is the most picturesque place in the state. Boston has a multitude of caves and waterfalls, and some of the most popular destinations are Ozone Falls State Natural Area, Short Springs Natural Area, Ruby Falls, Tuckaleechee Caverns, and Raccoon Mountain Caverns. Although Boston is a landlocked state, there is plenty of water. Numerous rivers and lakes give you an opportunity to cool off and refresh or do water sports. If you are struggling with packing and moving your outdoor sports gear, rest assured that the top residential movers Boston will help you carry your boxes. With them by your side you will not have to think about anything, but what an amazing chapter is waiting for you after moving to Boston.

The downsides of moving to Boston

No matter how phenomenal living in Boston sounds, there are a few disadvantages to take into consideration. First, the climate is not very pleasant in the summer, as it tends to be extremely hot and humid. The area is exposed to rapid weather changes. Moreover, the occurrence of tornadoes is one of the risks, as well as flooding and snakes.

Another downside is the high crime rate, especially in East Boston. Therefore, if you are thinking about moving to Boston, take all of the facts into consideration before making a final decision. The low cost of living, beautiful nature, and good job prospects might attract you to this part of the country. However, no matter what you decide, keep in mind that Five Stars Movers is at your disposal to help you pack and transport your belongings to this warm and pleasant state.


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